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Magazine: Visions

Editors (alphabetically listed): Wolfgang H. Bauer  |  Kenneth James  |  Ed Kim  |  Gregory Manning

Language: English


Issues: 9, 1987 – 1991

Websites:  Galactic Central  |  ISFDB

Bibliographic comments: Semi-pro intercollegiate magazine of speculative fiction and fantasy.

• Only issues with contents of interest to this library are listed here, highlighted in white.

Visions, #1

Gregory Manning, ed.

<  Spring 1987

Visions Magazine Inc.

Quarto, 40 pages

No cover price


  •  Vol. 1 No. 1.

  •  Only fiction, poetry and the interview are listed here.

Fiction: Tamiko M. Toland, Flies  //  Adria Moskowitz, Mehitabelle the Cat  //  Carl Sagan, Contact [excerpt]  //  Julio

Worthless, The Oedipus Curse  //  William Whiting, Dragon’s Teeth  //  William Whiting, Relations  //  Chet Morrison,

The Network Angels  //  Gregory Manning, Within  //  John Magee, One Ordinary Day with Paranoia  //  Chet

Morrison, From the Third Dimension to the Living Room World  //  Gregory Manning, Castaway  //  Bevan Das,

F=Gm1m2/R2  //  William Whiting, And Enter Rachel [Part 1 of 2]  //  Kimberly Tryka, A Quartet of Three

Poetry: Y. M. Calvillo, The Ballad of a Carbon-14 Atom

Interview: Ken James, An Interview with Samuel R. Delany

Visions, #2

Kenneth James, ed.

<  Fall 1987

Visions Magazine Inc.

Quarto, 48 pages



  •  Vol. 2 No. 1.

  •  Only fiction, poetry and the interview are listed here.

Fiction: Chet Morrison, When Was the Last Time You Ever Saw a Primordial Cell  //  Ron Nyren, The Edge  //  

Anthony Dobranski, Anselm and I  //  Jeffrey Pease, Some Consequences of the Anatomical Differences Between

Men and Women  //  Anthony Schinella, The Enemy  //  Walter Amos, Turnabout Is Fair Play  //  Sterling Harwood,

Benedict the Worldly Trader  //  Tim Susman, Or Sparrow Fall  //  David Van Stone, She Became a Reflection in a

Spoon  //  Bill Whiting, And Enter Rachel [Part 2 of 2]  //  Ellen Kay Harris, Questioning the Box

Poetry: Joe W. Haldeman, Computer, Terminal  //  Miho Nishida, Lost  //  Steve Mack, The Planets

Interview: Kathleen M. Romer, The Long Habit of Writing: Conversations with Professor Joe Haldeman

Visions, #5

Ed Kim, ed.

<  Spring 1989

Visions Magazine Inc.

Quarto, 64 pages



  •  Vol. 3 No. 2.

  •  Only fiction, poetry, essays and the interview are listed here.

Fiction: Michael Landweber, Out of Time  //  Tim Adye, Intelligence Test  //  Anthony Schinella, Surgical Strike  //  

Darren Longo, Suction  //  Jim Heiser, Tears of the Thunder God  //  Maria Hamilton, In a World of Your Own  //  Nick

Penfold, A Fairy’s Tale  //  Neal Tringham, Time Enough for Politics  //  Julie Pearson, The Origin of the Pencil  //  

Nigel Sellars, From the Confessions of Caliban  //  Rich Amber, Little People  //  David Upshal, The Dream Circuit

Poetry: Benjamin Royce, The Eclipse  //  Shelley Stuart, The Price  //  Heather Downey, Waterfall  //  Todd Mecklem,

Jonathan Falk, Death of a Thaumaturgist

Essays: Carl Sagan, Science Fiction: A Personal View  //  Igor Tolokonnikov, Ways of Scientific Thinking  //  Tamiko

Toland, From Russia with Love

Interview: Eugene Kim, An Interview with Isaac Asimov

Visions, #6

Wolfgang H. Bauer, ed.

<  Fall 1989

Visions Magazine Inc.

Quarto, 72 pages



  •  Vol. 4 No. 1.

  •  First Joint Soviet issue.

  •  Only fiction, poetry, essays and the interviews are listed here.

Fiction: Heinz Fenkl, A Study in Red and Black  //  Arina Aristovana, Curriculum Vitae  //  Matthew Rendall, Bed and

Breakfast  //  Wendy White-Ring, White Walls  //  Ron Nyren, Death Is a Sentence  //  Igor Grechin, Hunting Season  

// Audrey Jennifer DeLong, The Storyteller  //  Helena Brasch-Glendinning, Where Are You, Albert Einstein  //  

Gregg Howard, Mister X  //  Tony Keen, Abraham, Harry and John  // Jeff VanderMeer, A Cracked Ferry Tail  //  Nigel

Sellars, Arms and the Boy

Poetry: Stuart Judd, Space Odyssey

Essays: Igor Tolokonnikov, Let Me Introduce Soviet Science Fiction  //  Steven M. Kurtz, The Production Tale

Interviews: Wolfgang Baur, Steven M. Kurtz, An Interview with Marion Zimmer Bradley  //  Tamiko Toland, An

Interview with Boris Strugatsky

Visions, #7

Wolfgang H. Bauer, ed.

<  Spring 1990

Visions Magazine Inc.

Quarto, 72 pages



  •  Vol. 4 No. 2.

  •  Second Joint Soviet issue.

  •  Only fiction, poetry, the essay and the interviews are listed here.

Fiction: Jeff VanderMeer, The Sea, Mendeho, and Moonlight  //  Robert Kramer, Silicon Surf  //  Christopher Ryan,

Her Sovereignty, My Adultery  //  Matt Ruff, Ride of the Bohemians  //  Igor Grechin, The End of the First Chapter  //  

Jeffrey Hunter Till, Organic Implications  //  Alexander Tishin, Another Failure  //  Tony Keen, I Was Shakespeare’s

Muse  //  Denys Brokenshire, Solomon’s Day  //  Ellen Calhoun, The Edge  //  Jon Marks, Beige Refrain  //  Igor

Kremenev, The Escape (Or Diana’s Smile)  //  Todd Mecklem, A Carpathian Aceldama  //  David F. Hamilton, High


Poetry: Todd Mecklem, Jonathan Falk, An Autumn Mourning

Essay: Wolfgang Baur, Why I Hate Science Fiction Poetry

Interviews: Wolfgang Baur, Matt Ruff Interview  //  Charlie Gonzalez, Piers Anthony Interview

Visions, #8

Wolfgang H. Bauer, ed.

<  Spring 1990

Visions Magazine Inc.

Quarto, 72 pages



  •  Vol. 4 No. 3.

  •  Joint Soviet issue.

  •  Only fiction, poetry, essays and the interviews are listed here.

Fiction: Michael Shey, REV  //  Audrey Jennifer DeLong, Granuaile  //  Al Tucker, O, the Tales Those Dead Men Tell  

//  Jeff VanderMeer, A Social Gathering  //  Meredith McGhan, Hade’s Version  //  Igor Kremnev, How High the Sky  //  

Kenneth James, Signs  //  Tony Keen, Napolean’s Airship  //  Jon Marks, A Matter of Timing  //  Maxim Sterligor, The

Forest Dwellers  //  Chris Starkey, The Review  //  Andy Willet, Death Comes Teleconferencing

Poetry: Nicolas Bourbaki, Adventures That Byfelle a Moderne Knight

Essays: Michaela Pohl, (Dys-) Utopian SF in the USSR  //  Laura Talesnick, The Marketing Frontier

Interviews: Amy Wang, Ryan Wyatt, Ray Bradbury Interview  //  Tamiko Toland, Alexander Koshkin Interview