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authors featured in the Big Sky Library

Magazine: Unearth

Editors (alphabetically listed): John M. Landsberg  |  Jonathan Ostrowsky-Lantz

Language: English


Issues: 8, 1977 – 1979

Websites:  Galactic Central  |  ISFDB  |  SFE4


Bibliographic comments: US magazine dedicated to publishing science fiction only from undiscovered authors or those that

had previously appeared only in Unearth.

• Only issues with contents of interest to this library are listed here, highlighted in white.


Unearth, #3

John M. Landsberg, Jonathan Ostrowsky-Lantz, eds.

Summer 1977

Unearth Publications

Digest, 96 pages



  •  Only fiction is listed.

Fiction: James P. Blaylock, Red Planet  //  Richard Bowker, Side Effect  //  Somtow Sucharitkul, Sunsteps  //  Algis

Budrys, Walk to the World  //  William Gibson, Fragments of a Hologram Rose  //  Toby Perkins, Locksmith and

Master of Love


Unearth, #6

John M. Landsberg, Jonathan Ostrowsky-Lantz, eds.

Spring 1978

Unearth Publications

Digest, 128 pages



  •  Only fiction and essays are listed.

Fiction: Craig Shaw Gardner, Rocket Roll  //  Meg Files, Has the Rain a Father?  // Richard P. Saggio, Compliments

of the Founding Fathers  //  Damon Knight, Resilience  //  Laura E. Campbell, Of Wyli Born  //  Daniel Gordon, Uphill

Racer  //  James P. Blaylock, The Ape-Box Affair

Essays: Harlan Ellison, A Statement of Ethical Position  //  Hal Clement, Science: Science for Fiction #6  //  Charles

Platt, Writing  //  Celeste Bockma, Craig Gardner, Books  //  Damon Knight, About 'Resilience'  //  Somtow

Sucharitkul, Music in SF