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Magazine: Orphia

Editor: Atanas Slavov

Language: English


Issues: 1, 1990

Websites:  Galactic Central  |  ISFDB  |  SFE4

Bibliographic comments:  Believed to be the first English language SF magazine from Eastern Europe, a monthly glossy  

published in Sofia, Bulgaria in March 1990, after the fall of Communism. It aimed to be a “Slavonic science fiction & fantasy

magazine”, and its first and only heavily-illustrated, full colour issue published translations of Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech,

Polish and Russian SF, with articles plus an interview with a Russian author. Orphia also sponsored the Bulgarian convention

SocCon which was renamed Orphicon as a result, possibly to avoid suggesting the word "socialism" in its name. A second

issue was announced but never completed.

• Contents of interest to this library are highlighted in white.

Orphia #1

Atanas Slavov, ed.

<  February or March 1990

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  •  The magazine only states 1990, while SFE states February and the ISFDB states March.

  •  Most translators are unknown, except essay 'It's Hard to Be a God' translated by L. Nikolov.

Fiction: Svetoslav Nickolov, Vergilius and the Water  //  Arkady Strugatsky, Boris Strugatsky, Natural Sciences in

the World of Ghosts  //  Karel Čapek, A Resettlement Agency  //  Karel Čapek, The Man Who Could Fly  //  Zvonimir

Furtinger, A Message of Friendship  //  Svetlana Pencheva, All Nice Things  //  Svetoslav Loghinov, The Guard of the

Pass  //  Velko Miloev, Beating the Air  //  Velko Miloev, The Poplar  //  Velichka Nastradinova, Miss Witch  //  Ondzej

Nef, The Murmur of Vernal Rain  //  Marek S. Huberath, You Came Back, Sneogg, I Knew It...  //  Ghenady

Prashkevich, Virtual Hero or the Law of Universal Gravity  //  Lyubomir Nickolov, Along the Wall

Essays: Valery Druzhbinsky, It's Hard to Be a God  //  Kalin Nickolov, Bulgarian Science-Fiction Artists  //  Boris

Basmadjiev, SF Music  //  Ivan Hadzhiev, Kingsize: Hopes and Illusions in a Labyrinth  //  Uri Ilkov, Alexander

Karapanchev, A Visit to Fanco

Interview: 'I Am Capable of Giving the Command': uncredited interview of Stanislav Kalinichev