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Mithila Review, #1

Salik Shah, Ajapa Sharma, eds.

<  March 2016

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Hosted at Mithila Review


  •  Editorials 'Celebrating the Language of the Margin' by Ajapa Sharma, 'The Quest for Dignity and Justice in

     Speculative Fiction' by Salik Shah.

  •  'Braveheart's Homecoming' is set in Nepal.

Fiction: Dilman Dila, Braveheart's Homecoming  //  Usman T. Malik, Resurrection Points

Poetry: Shweta Narayan, Triumph VIII: Shakti  //  Shweta Narayan, Epiphyte  //  Shveta Thakrar, Shadowskin  //  

Rohan Chhetri, History of Justice  //  Rohan Chhetri, violence enters a poem like a restless wind inside a burning

house  //  Shikha Malaviya, Love Letters  //  Shikha Malaviya, September 9, 2012  //  Ajapa Sharma, Wolfish Woman  

//  Zainab Ummer Farook, The Nation Wants to Know

Essays: Ajapa Sharma, Art with Olivia Fraser  //  Bhushita Vasistha, Madhesh Through Magic Mirror: History and the

Quest for ‘Self’  //  Salik Shah, TV Series: Da Vinci’s Demons (2013-2015)

Interviews: Salik Shah interviews Ken Liu  //  Salik Shah interviews Kelly Robson  //  Salik Shah interviews Usman T.


Magazine / webzine: Mithila Review

Bibliographic comments: International science fiction and fantasy webzine founded in India in late 2015, publishes literary

speculative fiction and poetry, essays, film and book reviews, and interviews.

• Contents of interest to this library are highlighted in white.

• Issues #1–4 are webzine only, double issue #5–6 is a free download from the Mithila Review website.

Mithila Review, #2

Salik Shah, Ajapa Sharma, eds.

<  April 2016

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Hosted at Mithila Review


  •  Editorial 'A Plan to Survive Year Zero' by Ajapa Sharma and Salik Shah.

Fiction: Ian McDonald, Sanjeev and Robotwallah  //  Rabi Thapa, Valley of Tears  //  Jayant Vishnu Narlikar, The


Poetry: Arkady Martine, Abandon Normal Instruments  //  Arkady Martine, Cloud Wall  //  Arjun Rajendran, The

Epilogue of Flight 714  //  Bharat Iyer, Bug Season  //  Priya Sarukkai Chabria, Rai Parveen Mahal, Orchha  //  

Seo-Young Chu, What is the maiden name of Frankenstein’s creature?  //  Seo-Young Chu, I am Korean American

Essays: Vajra Chandrasekera, Blue-Shifted Futures  //  Mark Bould, AfroSF Now: A Snapshot, Seven Novels and a

Film  //  Ajapa Sharma, Raqib Shaw and the Nostalgia for Paradise

Interviews: Salik Shah interviews Kij Johnson  //  Salik Shah interviews Indra Das  //  Salik Shah interviews Arkady


Mithila Review, #3

Salik Shah, Ajapa Sharma, eds.

<  May 2016

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Hosted at Mithila Review


  •  Editorial 'The Shortest Editorial Ever!' by Salik Shah.

Fiction: Oliver Buckram, Presidential Cryptotrivia  //  Theodora Goss, Her Mother's Ghosts

Poetry: A. J. Odasso, The Woman and the Serpent  //  A. J. Odasso, Tomorrow Never Comes  //  John W. Sexton,

The Giftie  //  Sara Backer, The Genius  //  Seth Jani, Green Thaumaturge  //  Seth Jani, Stones  //  Vinita Agrawal,

Old Fabric  //  Vinita Agrawal, The Solid Lines Of Disappearing Things

Essays: Theodora Goss, Writing Her Mother's Ghosts  //  Salik Shah, Notes on Indian Science Fiction: The Parallel

Worlds of Jayant Narlikar and Vandana Singh  //  Niyati Bhat, Joshua Oppenheimer: Memories of Screams and Silence

Mithila Review, #4

Salik Shah, Ajapa Sharma, eds.

<  June 2016

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Hosted at Mithila Review


  •  Editorial 'Turning the Lens to Asia' by Ajapa Sharma and Salik Shah.

Fiction: Abhishek Bhatt, Choose Your Killer  //  Vajra Chandrasekera, Caul

Poetry: Josh Brown, Apocalypse Later  //  Melissa Frederick, Moving the Earth  //  Naru Dames Sundar, Moirae  //  

Mark A. Fisher, Mazenderan  //  Saima Afreen, Song for a Watch Repairer

Essays: Anil Menon, The Speculative Ramayan  //  Sami Ahmad Khan, A Maoist Caliphate Near India’s Borders?

Science, Fiction and Geopolitics in Baramulla Bomber

Mithila Review, #5 & #6

Salik Shah, Ajapa Sharma, eds.

Library edition: July–August 2016

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  •  Editorial 'Dreams & Delusions' by Salik Shah.

  •  'Asian SF' special double issue, free download.

Fiction: Priya Sharma, Egg  //  Ng Yi-Sheng, No Other City  //  Mark James Russell, Samjogo and the Vengeful

Stories  //  Indra Das, Excerpt from The Devourers  //  Isha Karki, Rooting  //  Anil Menon, Shit Flower  //  Dean

Francis Alfar, The New Daughter  //  David S. Golding, Give and Receive  //  Amal Singh, Rudali

Poetry: Shobhana Kumar, Lessons in Mango Picking  //  Seo-Young Chu, Life 38  //  Jennifer Crow, Fallen to

Witches  //  B. Clifford, An Elegy  //  Brendan McBreen, where are you, / Nessie?  //  Ken Poyner, Puppy Love  //  

Ajapa Sharma, Calcutta: An Ode to an Unborn Life

Essays: Isha Karki, “Even When We Go to the Stars”: The Burning Light in Mary Anne Mohanraj’s The Stars Change

Universe  //  Niyati Bhat, Unstoppable Women, Nightmarish Cities: Asian Horror Cinema  //  Charles Tan, A

Retrospective on Filipino-Chinese Speculative Fiction  //  Salik Shah, Notes on Indian Science Fiction: The Parallel

Worlds of Jayant Narlikar and Vandana Singh  //  Niall Harrison, Nisi Shawl, Jaymee Goh, Indrapramit Das, Anil

Menon, Asian SF: The Essential Reading List (2016)

Interviews: Roundtable discussion with Aliette de Bodard, Alyssa Wong, Isabel Yap, John Chu, JY Yang and Priya

Sharma  //  Salik Shah interviews Lavie Tidhar  //  Salik Shah interviews Glenn Hirshberg  //  Salik Shah interviews

Mary Anne Mohanraj  //  Salik Shah interviews Ken Liu  //  Salik Shah interviews Usman T. Malik  //  Salik Shah

interviews Indra Das

Mithila Review, #7

Salik Shah, Isha Karki, Ajapa Sharma, eds.

Library edition: January–March 2017

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  •  Editorial 'Spectacular Worlds in Translation' by Salik Shah.

Fiction: Jaroslav Mostecký, Axes on Viola  //  Carlos Hernandez, American Moat  //  Sabrina Vourvoulias, La Gorda

and the City of Silver  //  David Bowles, Winds That Stir Vermilion Sands  //  Ernest Hogan, Gringos  //  Gwendolyn

Kiste, The Twelve Rules of Etiquette at Miss Firebird’s School for Girls

Poetry: Margaret Wack, The Saint Of Small Things, Weeping  //  Sandi Leibowitz, The Gifts  //  Jamie Samdahl,

Life by the River  //  Mari Ness, The Study  //  Sonya Taaffe, The Process

Essays: Priya Sharma, Heart of the Labyrinth: Myth as the Starting Point for Storytelling  //  Shaoyan Hu, Glimpses of

the Evolving Beast: The Mumble Jumble of a Translator  //  Andy Dudak, Fidelity, Meaning, and Metadata:

Observations of a New Translator  //  Gautam Bhatia, The East Is a Setting: Issues of Place, Theme, and Tone in Ian

McDonald’s River of Gods and Beyond

Interviews: Salik Shah interviews Cixin Liu (also in Chinese)  //  "Quo Vadis, Czech Speculative Fiction?": A Round

Table Discussion with Jaroslav Mostecký, Vlado Ríša, Martin Šust and Julie Novakova (also in Czech)  //  "Latin

American Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror": A Round Table Discussion with Carlos Hernandez, David Bowles,

Ernest Hogan, Sabrina Vourvoulias, Silvia Moreno-Garcia and William Alexander

Reviews: Isha Karki on Invisible Planets: Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction in Translation by Ken Liu  //  Aditya

Singh on Metronome by Oliver Langmead

Mithila Review, #8

Salik Shah, Isha Karki, Ajapa Sharma, eds.

Library edition: April–June 2017

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  •  Editorial 'Coming of Age In A Visual World' by Ajapa Sharma.

  •  'Visual arts' special issue.

Fiction: Eliza Chan, Datsue-Ba  //  Arkady Martine, Ruin Marble  //  Brian Daniel Green, The Tailings  //  Haris A.

Durrani, Champollion’s Foot

Poetry: Michael Janairo, Instructions for Astronauts  //  Ingrid Jendrzejewski, Pear Tree  //  Ingrid Jendrzejewski,

When I Dream, I Dream of Love and Wax  //  Ingrid Jendrzejewski, The Displacement  //  Gwynne Garfinkle, family

(a form somehow must)  //  Hester J. Rook, How to build a woman, sodden flowered and strong  //  Layla Al-Bedawi,

Holly Lyn Walrath and Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, The Santa Monica Prophecies: A Collaborative Triptych

Essays: Dilman Dila, Her Broken Shadow: How I Made a Science-Fiction Feature Film in East Africa  //  Ashim

Shakya, From the Ruins of the Quake  //  Ashish Mathew Mammen, An Indian Architecture Student’s Art Journal  //  

Holly Lyn Walrath, Two Visual Poems  //  Rachel Cordasco, Robots, Ghosts, and Dreams: Some Preoccupations of

World SF  //  Urna Mukherjee, Aliens with a Human Face: The Human-like Non-Humans of Doctor Who

Reviews: Ajapa Sharma reviews Asian Monsters edited by Margrét Helgadóttir  //  Salik Shah reviews the collected

poems of Bruce Boston

Mithila Review, #9

Salik Shah, Isha Karki, Ajapa Sharma, eds.

Library edition: September 2017

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  •  Editorial 'Why Another WOC Special?' by Ajapa Sharma.

  •  'Women of Color' special issue.

Fiction: Jasper Sanchez, Stories We Carry On The Back Of The Night  //  Kurd Lasswitz, The Universal Library  //  

Vandana Singh, The Mountain  //  Priya Sharma, Blonde  //  Shveta Thakrar, Thorns in My Throat  //  S. B. Divya,

Binaries  //  Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali, Five Lessons in the Fattening Room  //  Mahesh Raman, Hide  //  Tehseen

Baweja, Partition  //  Mary Anne Mohanraj, Hammer in the Dark (excerpts)  //  Anil Menon, Half of What I Say


Poetry: John Philip Johnson, Four Moons  //  Naru Dames Sundar, Cup of Tea  //  Laura Page, Her Chemo Friend

Explains Capricorn  //  Rose Lemberg, Pollen  //  Bruce Boston, Surreal Bucket List #3  //  Mary Soon Lee, Alternate

Genders  //  Mary Soon Lee, Chronology of Items Found on the Moon  //  Mary Soon Lee, Boatman  //  Steve

Simpson, When We Were Young  //  David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Traces  //  Bryan Thao Worra, What Kills a Man  //  

Bryan Thao Worra, An Archaeology of Snow Forts

Interviews: "Women of Color in Speculative Fiction": A Round Table Discussion with S. B. Divya, Priya Sharma, Mary

Anne Mohanraj, Khalidah Muhammad Ali and Mimi Mondal, moderator: Isha Karki  //  "The State of Current

German Speculative Fiction": A Round Table Discussion with Diana Menschig, Kai Meyer and Oliver Plaschka,

moderator: Alessandra Ress  //  Isha Karki interviews Cassandra Khaw  //  Isha Karki interviews Isabel Yap  //

Isha Karki interviews Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali  //  Brandy Liên Worrall interviews Bryan Thao Worra

Reviews: Alison Akiko McBain reviews Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia Butler by Mimi Mondal and  

Alexandra Pierce  //  Mahvesh Murad, Under the Radar: Sultana's Dream  //  Gautam Bhatia, Tasha Mehta's The

Lion's Weave  //  Aditya Singh reviews Borne by Jeff VanderMeer  //  Isha Karki reviews Binti: Home by Nnedi


Mithila Review, #10

Salik Shah, Ajapa Sharma, eds.

Library edition: September 2018

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  •  Editorial 'An Interlude' by Ajapa Sharma.

Fiction: Alexandra Seidel, Tigerflies or The City of the Night  //  Rahad Abir, I, Lilli Man  //  Dennis Mombauer, The

Glass-Toothed Wolf  //  Indrapramit Das, Sita's Descent  //  Sarah M. Prindle, A Time Called L'apatia  //  Damien

Krsteski, Crisis  //  Bhushita Vasistha, Lopamudra's Wedding  //  Rajendra Shepherd, Dessert Heads

Poetry: F. J. Bergmann, New Spring  //  Lawdenmarc Decamora, Shoegaze + Suburbia  //  Alexandria Baisden, Life

and Death on the Rocks  //  Yuan Changming, YUAN: the Origin of a Family Name  //  D. A. Xiaolin Spires, nakajiru  

//  Sarah Ang, Ocean's Child  //  Julie Novakova, The world is a stage, and the script must change

Essays: Sami Ahmad Khan, Goddess Sita Mutates Indian Mythology Into Science Fiction: How Three Stories from

Breaking the Bow Reinterpret the Ramayana

Reviews: Isha Karki reviews All the Fabulous Beasts by Priya Sharma  //  Jerry Jose reviews The Carpet Makers by

Andreas Eschbach

Editors (alphabetically listed): Isha Karki  |  Salik Shah  |  Ajapa Sharma  |  Ishita Singh

Language: English


Issues: 2016 – present

Websites: Mithila Review  |  Facebook  |  Galactic Central  |  Patreon  |  Twitter  |  Wikipedia

Mithila Review, #11

Salik Shah, ed.

Library edition: September 2019

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  •  Editorial 'Stories That Can Change the World, or The Mission Statement' by Salik Shah.

Fiction: Elaine Vilar Madruga, On the Seventh Day  //  David A. Hewitt, The Great Wall of America  //  Avra Margariti,

The Domovoi  //  M. Bennardo, The Devil Buys Us Cheap and the Devil Buys in Bulk  //  Timothy Bastek,

Domesticated  //  Wren Wallis, No Folly of the Beasts

Poetry: Mary Soon Lee, How to Lie About SN 2213-1745  //  Phoebe Low, Joining the Navy  //  Phoebe Low, Threads

of Honor  //  Qurat Dar, Soothsayer  //  D. A. Xiaolin Spires, tetrahedral edifices of a sticky rice realm  //  Uma Menon,

Churning of the Ocean  //  Adele Gardner, The Moth Spectacular

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Mithila Review, #12

Salik Shah, ed.

Library edition: December 2019

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  •  Editorial 'This Extraordinary Being' by Salik Shah.

Fiction: Malena Salazar Maciá, The Kiss of the Water  //  Deborah L. Davitt, The Ghost Teas of Sakurajima  //  Dean A.

Brink, Flower Arranging at the End of the Japanese Empire  //  Drema Deòraich, Upshot  //  Raluca Balasa, The

Executioner General  //  Dennis Mombauer, The Carnival of Human Nature  //  I. S. Heynen, Sonya, Josephine, and the

Tragic Re-Invention of the Telephone

Poetry: Michael T. Smith, Kirby; or Everything I Needed to Know About Consumption & Super Mario; or, Everything I

Needed to Learn About Relationships  //  Holly Day, Talking in Circles  //  May Chong, Social Media Manticore  //  

Robert J. Keeler, Mud Dauber Wasp Nest  // Z. M. Quỳnh, Vestiges of You  //  Aber O. Grand, The Satyr's Acolyte  //  

Logan Thrasher Collins, Glimmerglimpse & Electrocologies  //  Holly Day, Lesson Plan  //  Holly Day, Tethered and


Interview: Salik Shah interviews Massimiliano di Lauro and Lorenzo Latrofa

Mithila Review, #13

Salik Shah, ed.

Library edition: March 2020

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  •  Editorial 'A World Without Hospitals' by Salik Shah.

Fiction: Priya Sarukkai Chabria, Mid-Term Ecolit Examination Paper  //  Theodore Singer, Sorcerers’ Highway  //  

Vanessa Fogg, The Breaking  //  H. Pueyo, Young Witch, Old Witch  //  Donna J. W. Munro, Haunted Castle on the

Midway  //  Hannah Frankel, Strange Recollections of Brook Farm  //  Yilin Wang, Sparrow

Poetry: Lynne Sargent, Rose Glasses over Mercury Mirrors  //  Mack W. Mani, Ghost Apples  //  Adele Gardner, Pilot

Narratives  //  Adele Gardner, Soul Lanterns  //  Adele Gardner, Odysseus Grins at Fate and the Gods  //  Mary Soon

Lee, How to Question Asteroid 16 Psyche  //  Mary Soon Lee, Patroclus  //  Mari Ness, Afterwards

Essays: Ishita Singh, “All true knowing is mutual...”: Notes on Vandana Singh’s Ambiguity Machines and Other Stories  

//  Gautam Bhatia, A Delicate Magic: Iona Datt Sharma’s Not For Use in Navigation  //  Chaitanya Murali, Avatar: An

English-Italian Anthology of Contemporary Science Fiction from India  //  D. P. Singh, Science Fiction Writings in

Punjabi: The Contemporary Scenario

Mithila Review, #14

Salik Shah, ed.

Library edition: March 2020

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  •  Editorial 'Life Is Beautiful' by Salik Shah.

Fiction: Derek Anderson, Your Dinner  //  Christian Monson, Iterations  //  Daniel McKay, The Call to Neigh  //  Elijah

Petty, Mother's Blood  //  Amy Collini, Things Not to Say  //  J. Check, Blood Relations  //  Chloé Agar, The Trial of

Tesslin VanGlaise  //  S. Qiouyi Lu, As Dark As Hunger

Poetry: Kate Shannon, uncas  //  Archita Mittra, cinderella  //  Rachel Rodman, Different Boxes  //  Josh Pearce,

Mare Anguis  //  Jennifer Crow, Corvid Dreams  //  Pia Bhatia, Still Life

Reviews: Prashanth Goipalan, Eclectic Modern Folktales: 2020: An Anthology by Foo Sek Han and Leon Wing  //  

Anthony Perconti, The Princess and the Frog: Gorel and the Pot-Bellied God by Lavie Tidhar

Mithila Review, #15

Salik Shah, Ishita Singh, eds.

Library edition: March 2020

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  •  Editorial 'Aliens from the New World' by Ishita Singh.

Fiction: Rimi B. Chatterjee, Arisudan  //  Nicole Tanquary, Of Castles and Oceans  //  Soham Guha, Children

Between Lines  //  David Heckman, Different Shores  //  Carlos Norcia, Our Bodies Sing the Stars  //  Neelu Singh,

The Knowing

Poetry: Michael Janairo, Packing Tips for Time Travelers  //  Sonya Taffe, Colonial  //  Sandi Leibowitz, Harvest  //  

Holly Lyn Walrath, Marco Raimondo, We're Refugees Who Found Love Searching for Atlantis  //  David Memmott,

The Echo Chamber  //  Anne Carly Abad, Ceramics

Reviews: Prashanth Gopalan, The Monstrous Invading the Ordinary: Reading The Best of Richard Matheson in a Time

of Coronavirus  //  Sami Ahmad Khan, The Wall of the Worlds: The Wall by Gautam Bhatia

Essays: Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad, Sami Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad in Conversation with

Sami Ahmad Khan

Interview: Ishita Singh interviews Cathleen Klibanoff, Sculptural Painter and Visual Storyteller: Cathleen Klibanoff

Discusses Her Process and Style