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Magazine: Leading Edge

Editors (alphabetically listed): Russell W. Asplund  |  Karl F. Batdorff  |  Chris Baxter  |  Hayley Brooks  |  Brooke Burdge  |  

David B. Burnett  |  Diane Cardon  |  Michael W. Carr  |  Vanessa K. Christenson  |  Dave Doering  |  Eric J. Ehlers  |  

Matt Gibbons  |  Alex Grover  |  Chris Halladay  |  Celadon James  |  Megan Kauffman  |  Christopher Kugler  |  

Kristina Kugler  |  Jonathan D. Langford  |  Loralee Leavitt  |  Edward Liebing  |  Tony Markham  |  Adam McLain  |  

Abigail Miner  |  Jillena O'Brien  |  Benjamin R. Olsen  |  Marny Parkin  |  Scott R. Parkin  |  Camilla Parshall  |  

Michael W. Reed  |  Rayda Reed  |  Brandon Sanderson  |  Lee Ann Setzer  |  Steve Setzer  |  Nyssa Silvester  |  

Robert A. Steimle  |  Douglas Alan Summers Stay  |  Jason Wallace  |  Leah Welker  |  Heather White

Language: English

ISSN: 1049-5983

Active: 1981 – present

Issues: ongoing

Websites:  Leading Edge  |  Galactic Central  |  ISFDB  |  SFE4  |  Wikipedia

Bibliographic comments: US semi-pro magazine, started by students at Brigham Young University, Utah. Editorship is on an

issue-by-issue basis. Since 2016 it has appeared in book format with individual ISBNs.

• Only issues with contents of interest to this library are listed here, highlighted in white.

Leading Edge, #44

Eric J. Ehlers, ed.

December 2002

Brigham Young University

Octavo, 136 pages



  •  Only fiction, poetry and essays are listed.

Fiction: Steven Mohan, Jr., Cain's Legacy  //  Eugie Foster, Second Daughter  //  Bruce Golden, Not So Final Resting

Place Blues  //  Christopher M. Cevasco, Decrescendo  //  James Facos, Jezzy

Poetry: Darla Cady, Princess Disenchanted  //  Christopher Kugler, Asleep

Essays: Eric J. Ehlers, Sorcery, Starships, and Setting  //  Kristina Kugler, In Loving Memory of Marion K. "Doc"

Smith  //  Eric J. Ehlers, Faust a Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Darth Vader as Faust  //  Megan

Schoonover, Everyone's a Critic: The Art of Telling People Their Writing Sucks

Leading Edge, #48

Megan Kauffman, ed.

October 2004

Brigham Young University

Octavo, 180 pages



  •  Only fiction, poetry and essays are listed.

Fiction: Leigh Anna Harken, Summer of the Brides  //  Nick Pincumbe, Grey Sheep  //  Steven Carlton, Shadow of

the Wolf  //  Christopher Kugler, Gatecrasher  //  Eugie Foster, Of Two Minds in Lanais  //  Paul Woodlin, The

Reluctant God

Poetry: Susan M. Sailors, Dreams of Tomorrow  //  Lora Reynolds, Lupine Lullaby  //  James Grossmann, Suspicion

Mutual  //  Abram Jacobs, The Sentinel

Essays: Megan Kauffman, The Creative Inner Child  //  C. Lee Player, Interview with Two Writers of the Future

Contest Winners  //  Christopher Kugler, Editorial: Adventures in Editing  //  Jason Wallace, Editorial: The Only

Constant  //  Anastasius Vedder-Newt, Do Insomniacs Dream of Eclectic Sheep?  //  Daniel Clausen, Ubiquitious


Leading Edge, #54

Matt Gibbons, ed.

November 2007

Brigham Young University

Octavo, 130 pages



  •  Only fiction, poetry and essays are listed.

Fiction: Laura Ware, Last Heir  //  Richard Windle, To Fly  //  Karen L. Kobylarz, The Book of Thuti //  Kenneth

Broadway, Fortune's Fool  //  Mason T. Matchak, The Crystal Girl  //  Aliette de Bodard, At the Gates of White Marble

Poetry: Josh Leavitt, Trial by Jury  //  Elizabeth Barrette, Her Mother's Mirror  //  Joy Harold Helsing, Disclaimer

Essays: Matt Gibbons, Writer Development: Great Characters Don't Use Mirrors  //  Celadon James, Writer

Development: Concerning Unending Hunger and Cardboard  //  Josh Leavitt, Writer Development: A Place to Shine

Leading Edge, #72

Heather White, ed.

April 2018

Brigham Young University

ISBN 978-1-71714-552-9

Trade paperback, 130 pages



  •  Only fiction, poetry essays and the interview are listed.

Fiction: Eric San Juan, The Cameras of Cedar Lane  //  Brandon McFall, The Wishing Tree  //  Patrick Genellie, Will

of Man and Whim of God  //  Mark Silcox, Zombies in Eden  //  Rachel Frogget, Potions Speak Louder Than Words  

//  James Boden, Final Moments  //  Dan Metro, The Queen's Madness  //  Ashlin Awerkamp, Super Sense of Duper

Dumb  //  Zachary Scharman, Feasting on Words  //  Becca Lee Gardner, Magu Shan  //  Chris Althoff, Dear Diary  

//  Tina Hawley, Passed Over

Poetry: Greg Schwartz, Reflection  //  Roger Brezina, Regarding the Whereabouts of Misplaced "Treasures"  //  

Casey Bruce, Falling Apart  //  David Mark Jenkins, Second Chance

Essays: Heather White, Letter from the Editor  //  Matt Wagstaff, The Fabulous Four of Epic Fantasy  //  Jared Quan,

Star Trek vs. The Orville

Interview: Kristen Evans, Madeline Jones, Interview: Caitlin Sangster

Leading Edge, #73

Abigail Miner, ed.

December 2018

Brigham Young University

ISBN 978-1-79195-360-7

Trade paperback, 140 pages



  •  Only fiction, poetry essays and the interview are listed.

Fiction: Richard Wren, Masterpiece  //  Melinda Brasher, Salvage Operations  //  Kathleen Palm, Voices  //  Cynthia

Zhang, Heart to Heart  //  Sarah Riley, Shared Language  //  Kate Eliason, The Tree  //  Matt Wagstaff, When the

Bloodcatchers Fill  //  Eric Dayton Emmons, Paid to Pick Flowers  //  Jakob Chapman, Ectropy  //  Will Anderson,

There Are Monsters in the Forest  //  Chloe Richardson, Dead Battery

Poetry: Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Imperception  //  Adele Gardner, A Stitch in Time  //  Ken Poyner, Our Treaty with

the Zephon

Essays: Abigail Miner, Letter from the Editor  //  Alex Francom, Grace  //  Sarai Mannolini-Winwood, Tensions

Between Past and Present  //  Margaret Pearce, Parallel Worlds

Interview: Madeline Jones, Britanny Passmore, Interview: Don Stallman

Leading Edge, #65

Diane Cardon, ed.

February 2014

Brigham Young University

Octavo, 122 pages



  •  Only fiction, poetry and essays are listed.

Fiction: John Sibley Williams, Blue Glow  //  Matt Moore, Of the Endangered  //  Rachel Kolar, The Touch  //  Amelia

Hollingsworth, Soulless  //  Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan, Jane D.O.E.  //  Edwin Eschler, Relative Crime  //  Curtis C.

Chen, Somebody's Daughter  //  Megan Hutchins, Wishing Hard Enough

Poetry:  Anna Sykora, Cold Stars  //  Ann Keith, With Rite and Rune

Essays: Diane Cardon, Letter from the Editor  //  Neal Silvester, Story vs. Plot, Archetypes vs. Stereotypes