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Magazine: Fantasy & Terror

Editors (alphabetically listed): Jessica Amanda Salmonson  |  Thomas Wiloch

Language: English


Active: 1984 – 1992

Issues: 15

Websites:  Galactic Central  |  ISFDB

Bibliographic comments: US small press magazine, sequel to Salmonson's earlier The Literary Magazine of Fantasy & Terror.

• Only issues with contents of interest to this library are listed here, highlighted in white.

Fantasy & Terror, #1

Jessica Amanda Salmonson, ed.

January 1984

Richard H. Fawcett

Octavo, 30 pages



Fiction: Thomas Wiloch, Unnatural Formation  //  Sherri L. File, History Lesson  //  Elizabeth Terrell, The Moon King's

Question  //  Thomas Wiloch, The Tribute  //  Thomas Wiloch, Once Long Ago  //  Mary Ann Allen, The Hatchment  //  

Bruce Boston, At Madame Tarot's  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, The Patriotic Harlot  //  Jody Scott, Closeness  

//  Robert Walser, The Man with the Pumpkin Head

Poetry: Sara Teasdale, Spring Torrent  //  uncredited, The Warrior Princess  //  Sarojini Naidu, In the Bazars of

Hyderabad  //  Sara Teasdale, Since There Is No Escape  //  Mary Arrington, Marsh Lillies  //  Audrey Wurdeman, The

Wolf  //  K. L. Cobbe, Anima Two  //  Mark McLaughlin, Pet Show  //  Eric Barker, In a Dark House  //  Jane Yolen,

Dryad's Lament  //  Jane Yolen, The Girl Who Loves a Tree  //  Jane Yolen, Sings Astoreth

Essays: Darroll Pardoe, A Brief Reflection  //  Kikou Yamata, The Whale  //  Mike Ashley, Cele Goldsmith's Years at

Fantastic  //  Kikou Yamata, Harakiri  //  uncredited, Mother Nokes  //  Phyllis Ann Karr, New Mythi for Horror Tales  

//  Darroll Pardoe, Morning Encounter

Fantasy & Terror, #3

Jessica Amanda Salmonson, ed.

January 1984

Richard H. Fawcett

Octavo, 30 pages



  •  'An Evocation of Harakiri' translated by J. & S.F. Mills Whitham.

  •  Only fiction is listed.

Fiction: Mary Arrington, In the Wonderous City of Ramaazan  //  Archie N. Roy, Pruning the Flowers  //  Alphonse

Daudet, The Man with the Golden Brain  //  Mary Ann Allen, The Blue Boar of Totenhue  //  Lafcadio Hearn, When I

Was a Flower  //  Jay Rothbell Sheckley, Another Self-Service Shoe  //  Norman Douglas, Nocturne  //  Margaret A.

Colony, Memory  //  Steve Rasnic Tem, There's No Such Thing As Monsters  //  Deborah Hansen-Zaiko, A Night  //  

Clifton B. Dowd, The Fable of the Golden Plough  //  Georgia Wood Pangborn, The Haunted Coat  //  David G.

Rowlands, One Man Went to Mow  //  Richard H. Fawcett, Executive Privilege  //  Anonymous, Teeny-Tiny  //  Wendy

Wees, Chocolate  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, The Dream  //  Richard H. Fawcett, The Thirteenth Cup  //  Ivan

Krilof, The Highwayman and the Wagoner  //  Ivan Krilof, The Miser  //  Kikou Yamata, An Evocation of Harakiri

Fantasy & Terror, #6

Jessica Amanda Salmonson, ed.


Richard H. Fawcett

Octavo, 38 pages



  •  Only fiction is listed.

Fiction: Alexander Kielland, The Peat Moore  //  Margaret A. Colony, Voyager  //  James G. Huneker, The Eternal

Duel  //  Craig Wilder, The Cemetery, at Night  //  Laura E. Richards, From a Far Country  //  H. A. Guerber, The Angel

Page  //  Thomas Ligotti, A Selection of Poe  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, The Fate of de Maupassant  //  Laura

E. Richards, Anybody  //  J. William Curtis, Observations of Happiness  //  James A. Lee, Anniversary  //  Ephraïm

Mikhaël, The Toyshop  //  David Madison, In the City: A Parable  //  Bobby G. Warner, Waiting for Her  //  Jessica

Amanda Salmonson, Lady Nobu’s Poem; or Leaf from an Anonymous Diary  //  Rabindranath Tagore, The Net  //  

Howard Schwartz, Kafka’s Brother  //  Howard Schwartz, A Performance  //  Gustav Meyrink, Sick

Fantasy & Terror, #4

Jessica Amanda Salmonson, ed.

January 1984

Richard H. Fawcett

Octavo, 30 pages



  •  Only poetry is listed.

Poetry: Elinor Wylie, Atavism  //  Ernest G. Moll, Two Ghosts  //  Edith Tatum, An Old Southern Home  //  Harriet

Prescott Spofford, Witchwork  //  Heinrich Heine, The Mountain Echo  //  Heinrich Heine, Oh, Carpenter  //  Jessica

Amanda Salmonson, Plowman's Furrow  //  Rick Anderson, Mystery of the Grey Top Cab  //  Sarojini Naidu, The

Festival of Serpents  //  Joyce Kilmer, Madness  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Loovly House

Fantasy & Terror, #7

Jessica Amanda Salmonson, ed.

March 1985

Richard H. Fawcett

Octavo, 38 pages



Fiction: Susan Lilas Wiggs, Merciful Flesh  //  Olive Schreiner, A Soul's Journey - Two Visions  //  Thomas Wiloch,

Shadow Woman  //  Thomas Wiloch, The Basin of Stars  //  A. Houghton Pratt, "Over There"  //  Rabindranath

Tagore, The Lamp  //  Howard Schwartz, Processing the Dead  //  Tom Ligotti, The Perilous Legacy of Emily St.

Aubert, Inheritress of Udolpho  //  Tom Ligotti, The Eternal Devotion of the Governess to the Residents of Bly  //  Tom

Ligotti, The Unnatural Persecution, by a Vampire, of Mr. Jacob J.  //  Tom Ligotti, The Superb Companion of André De

V., Anti-Pygmalion  //  Bobby G. Warner, Waiting for Her  //  Anatole France, Satan's Tongue-Pie  //  Susan Lilas

Wiggs, Beloved of the Moon  //  Susan Lilas Wiggs, Surrogate  //  Susan Lilas Wiggs, Visions of Sugarplums  //  

Susan Lilas Wiggs, Dancing with the Angels  //  Susan Lilas Wiggs, Sweet William  //  Robert Louis Stevenson, The

Distinguished Stranger  //  Cyril Hume, In the Dark of the Moon  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Play Dead  //  

Jessica Amanda Salmonson, An Astral Story  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Chance Meetings  //  Jessica

Amanda Salmonson, The Kissing Gourami  //  Dr. Lynn, How to Take a Man to Pieces and Restore Him to His Original

Self by Instalments  //  Tom Ligotti, The Ever Vigilant Guardians of Secluded and Opulent Estates  //  Tom Ligotti, The

Scream: from 1800 to the Present  //  Denis Tiani, The Sharp Edge of Darkness  //  Jay Rothbell Sheckley, Breakdown

of the Breadmold Blues  //  Archie N. Roy, Dreams of Fire and Death  //  John Lyly, Cupid and Campaspe  //  Audrey

Richter, Another Full Moon Journey  //  Richard Le Gallienne, The Man with No Money

Poetry: Aloysius Bertrand, The Madman  //  Rabindranath Tagore, My House  //  John Russell Taylor, Pipes of

Passage  //  Emily Dickinson, Death Is a Dialogue  //  Richard Hughes, When Shall I See Gold?  //  Maurice

Maeterlinck, The House of Lassitude  //  Minna Irving, The Violet Immortal  //  Cyril Hume, In a Tuscan Garden  //  

Vincent O'Sullivan, Fear at Night  //  Joseph Auslander, The Time Ghost  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Coming

Home  //  Thomas Hardy, The Dream Follower  //  Princess Karadja, The Noiseless Guest  //  Princess Karadja,

Weary Unto Death  //  Joseph Payne Brennan, The Humming Stair  //  Alice Brown, Mist  //  John Drinkwater, At an

Earthworks  //  Margaret Widdemer, Glamour  //  Abbie Findlay Potts, Second Wife  //  John Patrick Feeney, The

Face at the Window  //  Orlando Gibbons, The Silver Swan  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Epitaph

Fantasy & Terror, #8

Jessica Amanda Salmonson, ed.


Richard H. Fawcett

Octavo, 38 pages



  •  Only fiction is listed.

Fiction: Irene Osgood, Midnight  //  Ivan Turgenev, The Old Woman  //  Ivan Turgenev, My Adversary  //  Denis Tiani,

Eyes  //  Denis Tiani, Cold Dreams  //  Richard Singer, The Encounter  //  Fedor Sologub, Equality  //  Ivan Krilov,

The Carp  //  Pierre Louys, The Enchanted Lyre  //  Pierre Louys, The Old Man and the Nymphs  //  Pierre Louys, The

Tomb of the Naiads  //  Anatole France, A Dream  //  Richard Le Gallienne, The Man with Something in His Eye  //  

Susan Liev Taylor, The Last Farewell  //  Llewelyn Powys, The Brown Satyr  //  Annie Trumbull Slosson, The Boy

That Was Scaret O’Dyin  //  Laurence Housman, The Distorting Mirror  //  Anonymous, The Bleeding Tree  //  

Anonymous, The Snake Woman  //  Anonymous, The Knife  //  Anonymous, Astryiah the Vampire  //  Laura E.

Richards, Hell Gate  //  Archie N. Roy, The Lady of the Desert  //  Jean Jacques Brousson, A Dilemma  //  Thomas

Ligotti, Gothic Horror  //  Thomas Ligotti, Exotic Horror

Fantasy & Terror, #10

Jessica Amanda Salmonson, ed.


Richard H. Fawcett

Octavo, 38 pages



Fiction: Jules Faye,  I Am Bound Hand and Foot  //  Jules Faye, And in This Dream  //  Wendy Wees, Mousewoman  

//  Wendy Wees, Lady Death  //  Cappy Kotz, Trapped  //  Cappy Kotz, Madame J.  //  Émile Verhaeren, The Dead  //  

Oscar Wilde, The Artist  //  Fiona MacLeod, Nocturne  //  Fiona MacLeod, The Reed Player  //  Fiona MacLeod, The

Two Eternities  //  Oscar Wilde, The Disciple  //  Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Death  //  Greg Boyd, The Snake Bicycle  

//  Vonnie Crist, Dawn Tigers and Night Death  //  Fedor Sologub, They  //  Thomas Wiloch, The Mountain of Lasting

Peace  //  Derek Owens, A Big Man Made of Dirt  //  Derek Owens, Professor's Holiday  //  Thomas Wiloch, The

Allway of Broken Mirrors  //  Thomas Wiloch, The Locket  //  Charles Delchevalerie, Nocturne  //  Jean Cocteau, The

Gardener and Death  //  John Galsworthy, The Moor Grave  //  Ada Trevanion, Spirits of the Dead  //  Ivan Turgenev,

The Nymph  //  S. Weir Mitchell, A Ghost of Glory  //  S. Weir Mitchell, The Jewels of Consistency  //  S. Weir Mitchell,

Conversion  //  S. Weir Mitchell, Haroun the Caliph  //  Vivienne Dayrell-Browning, The Rider  //  Laura E. Richards,

The Spirit   //  Bobby G. Warner, The Pale Horse  //  Bruce Boston, At the Airport Bar  //  S. R. Crockett, Night in the

Galloway Woods  //  Robert W. Chambers, The Sacrifice  //  Robert W. Chambers, The Green Room  //  Jessica

Amanda Salmonson, The Girl Who Slept When Stories Were Read to Her  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, The Boy

Who Lifted Weights  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, The Girl Who Wrote Fables

Poetry: Margaret Tod Ritter, Within the Mastaba of an Egyptian Princess  //  Fiona MacLeod, Orchil  //  Jessica

Amanda Salmonson, Sad Lady Death  //  Harriet Prescott Spofford, Dead  //  Louise Bogan, Medusa  //  Theodosia

Garrison, The Silent One  //  S. G. Frug, Three Souls  //  A. R. Atkins, Damnation  //  Edna St. Vincent Millay, 100

Ways to Die  //  Scott Urban, The Pipes  //  Alexander Alexandrovich Blok, Danse Macabre  //  Samuel Taylor

Coleridge, Phantoms  //  Emma Frances Dawson, In Silver Upon Purple  //  Giuseppe Giusti, The Steam Guillotine  

//  Charles J. Bayne, The Vaults of Time  //  Ada Trevanion, Cathleen's Ghost  //  Eugene Lee-Hamilton, Baudelaire  

//  Martha Haskell Clark,  The Voices  //  Mary Josephine Benson, The Intruder  //  Margaret Widdemer, Changeling  

//  Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Prescience  //  Mary Elizabeth Counselman, Aided

Fantasy & Terror, #11

Jessica Amanda Salmonson, ed.

January 1989

Richard H. Fawcett

Octavo, 38 pages



  •  Only fiction is listed.

Fiction: Thomas Zimmerman, Dark Harvest  //  Thomas Zimmerman, Lilies of Eden  //  Aleskey Remizon, The

Guest  //  Shawn Ramsey, Erratica  //  Shawn Ramsey, An Interlude in Obsidian  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson,

First Contact/Culture Clash  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Beckford's Mind  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson,

Napoleon's Army  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, The Woman Whose Nose Fell Into the Drain and That Was the

End of It  //  Susan Lilas Wiggs, Ghost Ship  //  Susan Lilas Wiggs, Prisoner  //  Larry Lefkowitz, Intersolarjoust  //  

Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Prayer of the Fat Saint  //  Michael Nicholas Richard, The Purgatorial Sea  //  Derek

Owens, Elevator Conversation  //  Shawn Ramsey, The Pale Man  //  Shawn Ramsey, Recognition  //  Shawn

Ramsey, Surrealistique  //  James B. Hemesath, Esmeralda, My Mother  //  Thomas Zimmerman, Temple Dawn  //  

Thomas Zimmerman, Earth Mother Goddess  //  Bobby G. Warner, Dead Man's Pond  //  Vernon Clark, The Burning

Icons  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Weird Abbey  //  Maryanne K. Snyder, The Mordant Muse  //  Idries Shah,

What Is in It  //  Jeffrey Zable, The Saga of John Howard Barns  //  Jules Faye, Creation  //  Jules Faye, Pan  //  Jules

Faye, Tonight We Fly  //  Chris Custer, Incubus  //  Michael Bullock, Lilies  //  Michael Bullock, Road  //  Michael

Bullock, Caterpillar

Fantasy & Terror, #13

Jessica Amanda Salmonson, ed.


Richard H. Fawcett

Octavo, 40 pages



  •  Only fiction is listed.

Fiction: K. Huebner, Ressurection  //  Mark McLaughlin, Large Yellow Teeth  //  Eryc Bourland, Lonely Sun  //  

Fedor Sologub, The Future  //  Leonid Andreyev, Men May Rise on Stepping Stones of Their Dead Selves to Higher

Things  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, City  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Suphlatus  //  Jessica Amanda

Salmonson, Harvestman  //  Zona Gale, The Voice

Fantasy & Terror, #15

Jessica Amanda Salmonson, ed.


Richard H. Fawcett

Octavo, 36 pages



Fiction: Wendy Wees, Beggar Non  //  Wendy Wees, Blighted Ovum  //  Wendy Wees, A Scene  //  Olive Schreiner,

The Artist’s Secret  //  Ivan Turgenev, The Insect  //  W. H. Pugmire, The Boy with the Bloodstained Mouth  //  John

Peter Lathourakis, Metalogos  //  Anonymous, Skull Test  //  Mark Valentine, The Kite Dancers  //  Lord Dunsany,

After the Fire  //  Lord Dunsany, A Mistaken Identity  //  Ella Higginson, Despair

Poetry: William Calvani, Le Louvercle  //  William Calvani, Chatiment de L’orgveil  //  William Calvani, Epitaph

Arcanum  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Why I Died  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, The Conquering Lord  //  

Jessica Amanda Salmonson, The Sky Without Orion  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Hesperides  //  Gordon

Stables, The Ghost of the Cochin-Shanghai  //  E. H. Visiak, The Skeleton at the Feast  //  Andrew Lang, Ballade of

Christmas Ghosts  //  Dorothy Quick, The Dark Things  //  Martha Haskell Clark, The Haunted Home  //  Laura Benét,

Wind Woman  //  Aloysius Bertrand, The Evening on the Water  //  Aloysius Bertrand, Scarbo  //  Aloysius Bertrand,

Another Spring  //  Aloysius Bertrand, The Ring Dance Under the Bell  //  Aloysius Bertrand, Chevremorte  //  

Mathilde Blind, The Dead  //  Ramon de Campoamor y Campoosorio, The Soul for Sale  //  Ella Higginson, The

Dead  //  Ella Higginson, A Dream of Cleopatra  //  Ella Higginson, A Sepulchre of Snow  //  Edward S. Van Zile, A

Ghost  //  Edward S. Van Zile, The Living and the Dead  //  Edward S. Van Zile, An Island  //  Amelie Rives, The

Stranger  //  Arthur Quiller-Couch, The White Moth  //  Rabindranath Tagore, Fairyland  //  Richard Middleton, Mad

Harry’s Vision