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Magazine: Chinese Literature Today

Editors (alphabetically listed): Ping Zhu  |  Jonathan Stalling

Language: English

ISSN: 2151-4399

Active: 2010 – present

Issues: ongoing

Websites:  Chinese Literature Today  |  Galactic Central  |  Taylor & Francis Online  |  Wikipedia

Bibliographic comments: Only issues with contents of interest to this library are listed here, highlighted in white.

Chinese Literature Today, vol. 7 no. 1

Ping Zhu, ed.

<  May 2018

University of Oklahoma Press

164 pages

No cover price


  •  Special issue on Chinese science fiction.

  •  'The Great Wall', 'The Fundamental Nature of the Universe' and 'Earth Is Flat' translated by Nathaniel Isaacson.

Fiction: Han Song, The Great Wall  //  Han Song, The Fundamental Nature of the Universe  //  Han Song, Earth Is Flat

Essays: Nathaniel Isaacson, Han Song  //  Wang Yao, Evolution or Samsara? Spatio-Temporal Myth in Han Song's

Science Fiction  //  Li Guangyi, Eerie Parables and Prophecies: An Analysis of Han Song's Science Fiction  //  Carlos

Rojas, Han Song and the Dream of Reason  //  Nathaniel Isaacson, Voices from the Cybernetic House  //  Wu Yan,

Yao Jianbin, A Very Brief History of Chinese Science Fiction  //  Ren Dongmei, Interpreting Folding Beijing through the

Prism of Science Fiction Realism  // Jia Liyuan, Chinese People Not Only Live in the World but Grow in the Universe:

Liu Cixin and Chinese Science Fiction

Interview: Chiara Cigarini, Science Fiction and the Avant-Garde Spirit: An Interview with Han Song

Chinese Literature Today, vol. 9 no. 1

Ping Zhu, ed.

<  May 2020

University of Oklahoma Press

164 pages

No cover price


  •  'Letter to My Daughter' translated by Jesse Field.

  •  'The Affair' translated by Tze-Ian Deborang Sang and Isaac Hsu.

  •  'Floating Life, Beloved Wife, Part 2' translated by Andrea Lingenfelter.

Fiction: Liu Cixin, Letter to My Daughter  //  Isaac Hsu, The Affair: The First of the Hamlet Trilogy  //  Dung

Kai-cheung, Floating Life, Beloved Wife, Part 2