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Magazine: Black Gate

Editor: John O'Neill

Language: English


Active: 2000 – 2011


Websites:  Black Gate  |  Facebook  |  Galactic Central  |  ISFDB  |  Wikipedia

Bibliographic comments: US magazine publishing fantasy.

• Only issues with contents of interest to this library are listed here, highlighted in white.

Black Gate, #1

John O'Neill, ed.

<  November 2000

New Epoch Press

240 pages



  •  Editorial by John O'Neill.

  •  Vol. 1, no. 1.

  •  'Golden Bell, Seven, and the Marquis of Zeng' is set in ancient China.

  •  Only fiction and essays are listed.

Fiction: Richard Parks, Golden Bell, Seven, and the Marquis of Zeng  //  Charles de Lint, Wingless Angels  //  Jeffrey

Ford, Exo-Skeleton Town  //  Karl Edward Wagner, The Dark Muse  //  Michael Moorcock, The Dreamthief's Daughter,

Book One

Essays: Mark Sumner, The Unlikely Case of News from the Edge  //  Todd Ruthman, The Joy of Role Playing, or Why

I Still Spend Thursday Nights in the Basement  //  Don Bassingthwaite, One World, Many Stories: Legend of the Five

Rings  //  Claude Lalumière, The Comics Cauldron

Black Gate, #15

John O'Neill, ed.

<  November 2000

New Epoch Press

240 pages



  •  Editorial 'Why Johnny Can't Read' by John O'Neill.

  •  Vol. 3, no. 3.

  •  'The Gifts of Li Tzu-Ch'eng' is set in ancient China.

  •  Only fiction and essays are listed.

Fiction: John C. Hocking, A River Through Darkness and Light  //  Jonathan L. Howard, The Shuttered Temple  //  

Vaughn Heppner, The Oracle of Gog  //  Derek Künsken, The Gifts of Li Tzu-Ch'eng  //  Jeremiah Tolbert, Groob's

Stupid Grubs  // Sarah Avery, The War of the Wheat Berry Year  //  Darrell Schweitzer, Into the Gathering Dark  //  

Jamie McEwan, An Uprising of One  //  Harry Connolly, Eating Venom  //  Paula R. Stiles, Roundelay  //  Nye Joell

Hardy, Dellith's Child  //  Rosamund Hodge, Apotheosis  //  John R. Fultz, The Vintages of Dream  // Emily Mah, The

River People  //  Maria V. Snyder, Cursing the Weather  //  Michael Livingston, Purging Cocytus  //  S. Hutson Blount,

The Laws of Chaos Left Us All in Disarray  //  Frederic S. Durbin, World's End  //  Chris Willrich, The Lions of

Karthagar  //  Brian Dolton, What Chains Bind Us  //  Fraser Ronald, A Pound of Dead Flesh  //  Howard Andrew

Jones,  The Desert of Souls (excerpt)  //  Jolly Blackburn, Steve Johansson, John O'Neil, Knights of the Dinner

Table Presents Java Joint

Essays: Bud Webster, Who?!—San Diego Lightfoot Tom  //  Mike Resnick, Hope for the Color Blind: Classic Black &

White Fantasy  //  Rich Horton, Original Anthology Series, The Past Decade  //  Scott Taylor, Art Evolution