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SFRA Review, #327

Sean Guynes, ed.

Library edition: Winter 2019

Science Fiction Research Association

PDF, 81 pages

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Essays: Sean Guynes, Editor's Message: Another One?!  //  Keren Omry, President's Message: Winter Is Here  //  

Sonja Fritzsche, Vice-President's Message: Incoming!  //  Jason Sacks, Stan Lee (Dec. 1922–Nov. 2018)  //  Daniel

Martin, Historical Fantasy as SF in Osamu Tezuka's Muramasa  //  Rachel Cordasco, The SF in Translation Universe  

//  Amandine Faucheux, Meet the Future  //  Sean Guynes, Symposium Introduction  //  Maximiliano Jiménez,

Immersion and Fictionality in Westworld  //  Jennifer Brown, Queering the Wayfarer Universe  //  Erin Horáková, The

Future, Wouldn't That Be Nice  //  Lars Schmeink, Cyberpunk's Commodification of Bodies  //  Aurélie Villers, Building

Reynolds's Revelation Space  //  Janin Tscheschel, The Outerspace Within Us in Villeneuve's Arrival  //  Norbert

Gyuris, Semiotic Concepts of Gravity in Solanas's Upside Down  //  Chris Hall, The Otherworldly Self in Tarkovsky's

Solaris  //  Elisabeth Schneider, Intersexuality in Heinlein's "—All You Zombies—" //  Sean Guynes, Alternate History

and Racial Capitalism in Shawl's Everfair  //  Agnieszka Urbańczyk, Eschatology in Star Trek  //  Katie Stone, Novelty

and Age in Butler's Fledgling  //  Sylvia Spruck Wrigley, Throw Grandma Out the Airlock  //  Grant Dempsey,

Naturalism and the Ontological Complexity of SF Worlds

SFRA Review, #306

Doug Davis, Michael Klein, eds.

Library edition: Fall 2013

Science Fiction Research Association

PDF, 24 pages

No cover price


Essays: Doug Davis, Editor's Message: The SFRA Review Wants YOU  //  Pawel Frelik, President's Message:

Meanwhile, at the EC HQ  //  Amy J. Ransom, Vice-President's Message: Upcoming Joint WisCon/SFRA  //  David M.

Higgins, New Wave SF 101  //  Keren Omry, Israeli SF 101

Academic journal: SFRA Review

Editors (alphabetically listed): Shelly Rodrigo Blanchard  |  Doug Davis  |  Jason Embry  |  Sean Guynes  |  Karen Hellekson  |  

Craig Jacobsen  |  Michael Klein  |  Barbara Lucas  |  Christine Mains  |  Chris Pak

Language: English

eISSN: 2641-2837

Issues: 1971 – present

Websites: SFRA  |  Wikipedia


Bibliographic comments: Publication of the Science Fiction Research Association, formerly titled the SFRA Newsletter. The

name changed to SFRA Review in 1992 with issue #194.

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