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Fanzine: Portable Storage

Editor: William M. Breiding

Language: English


Issues: 2019 – present

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Bibliographic comments: US fanzine. Only issues with contents of interest to this library are listed here, highlighted in white.


Portable Storage, #6

William M. Breiding, ed.

Library edition:  Autumn 2021

William Breiding

ISBN 979-846538704-0

Trade paperback, 159 pages

No cover price


  •  Editorial 'Serious and Constructive' by William Breiding.

  •  Only essays and poetry are listed.

Essays: William Breiding, Serious and Constructive  //  Fred Lerner, Science Fiction As Jewish Literature  //  Tom

Jackson, Heinlein's Children: Libertarians in Fandom  //  Alec Nevala-Lee, Frozen Assets  //  Doug Bell, Pow!

Partners in Crime  //  Dale Nelson, Contemplated But Not Resolved: Opening Up Lear and Lord of the Rings  //  Jon

Sommer, Earth Abides by George Stewart  //  Chris Sherman, A Few Moments with Chris Sherman  //  Jeanne

Bowman, Hidden Machines  //  Andy Hooper, Original Staples  //  Cheryl Cline, Spacehounds of IPC by E.E. "Doc"

Smith  //  Alva Svoboda, Robot Consciousness and Its Discontents  //  Justin E. A. Busch, He, You, and I Inventing

Meaning: Cinematic Games in H.G. Well's The King Who Was a King  //  Peter Young, Heavy Meta: Notes on Making

Notes on Charles Yu  //  Paul Di Filippo, Rough Guides to the Land of Fuck  //  Jim Jones, Greetings from the Galactic

Empire  //  Howard Waldrop, Blood, Violence and Beautiful Babes  //  David Langford, Marooned on Terminus  //  Cy

Chauvin, Advent Publishers, Inc.

Poetry: Billy Wolfenbarger, Karma Retrograded  //  Ken Love, boy girl wolf  //  G. Sutton Breiding, Where the

Seahorses Dream  //  G. Sutton Breiding, Brother from Another Century  //  G. Sutton Breiding, The Hot Equation  //  

G. Sutton Breiding, A World Beyond