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Fanzine: Argentus

Editor:  Steven H Silver

Language:  English


Issues:  14, 2001 – 2014

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Bibliographic comments:  US fanzine.

• Only issues with contents of interest to this library are listed here, highlighted in white.


Argentus, #14

Steven H Silver, ed.

Library edition:  November 2014

Steven H Silver

PDF, 70 pages



  •  Editorial 'From the Mine' by Steven H Silver.

  •  Only essays, fiction and the interview are listed.

Fiction: Mike Resnick, Knock

Essays: Ken Liu, An Introduction to Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction (in Translation)  //  Andrew Ferguson,

Lafferty at 100  //  Ronald Oakes, Fandom in Two Cities  //  Christopher J. Garcia, Fans =/= Fans  //  Jim Mann,

Doctor Who: From Fairy Tale to Myth  //  Tom Galloway, Rating the Razzies  //  Chris Barkley, The BDP Split at

Fifteen: A Retrospective  //  James L. Terman, Power Armor Versus the War on Terror: Is Heinlein's Starship Troopers

Still Relevant?  //  Rich Horton, The Changing Canon of Science Fiction  //  Frank Wu, On the Run: The Long, Loud

Silence  //  Steven H Silver, I Honor Tucker  //  Bruce Gillespie, Hidden Heroes: The Science Fiction Novels of Wilson

Tucker  //  Joe Haldeman, The Fan Who Made Good  //  Rich Lynch, The Final Time I Saw Bob Tucker and Other

Remembrances  //  Mike Willmoth, Tucker and Me  //  Roger Tener, Wilson "Bob" Tucker – Aviator  //  Juanita

Coulson, Wilson "Bob" Tucker, Renaissance Fan  //  Tim Bolgeo, Wilson "Bob" Tucker, My Friend  //  Gay Haldeman,

The Legendary Bob & Rusty

Interview: Paul McGuire III and David Truesdale interview Wilson Tucker